Mind- Body Help for the Cold Season

“With the onset of the winter cold and flu season, it’s a good time to take new stock of the mind- body methods effective against nuisances.

Why body and mind? Because Yogis as well as holistic doctors concur that life energy — the true cause of health and vitality–responds to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions. By applying this all round approach, one is best equipped to prevent–  or quickly recover from — the common cold.

Remember,  as Paramahansa Yogananda said, “So long as balanced vitality is maintained by right living, proper diet, and pranayama meditation (life energy control techniques), the body’s own life energy ‘clectrocutes’ disease before it can develop.” His books and Lessons contain many pointers for strengthening  and directing the the healing life force (including his unique Energization Exercises). Here are few that are especially relevant to the cold season. ( Be sure to get a doctor’s help if your condition warrants it.)

Cleanse the Body of Toxins:

Over eating and wrong eating make the body susceptible to illness, by producing an over accumulation of toxins.The life force is weakened, and it is easier for the viruses and bacteria to break through the body’s defences. When  toxins work on the mucus membranes in the nose and throat, we are particularly vulnerable to catching cold.

Reduce your intake of unhealthful foods (such as meat, refined sugar and refined flour). Increase your consumption of vitamin rich fresh fruits, and vegetables– especially citrus fruits, which provide Vitamin C and also are efficient detoxifiers.

Use fasting to prevent and cure colds:

“At least once every  month you should give a throrough house-cleaning to your body by fasting, ” the Guru said. “Do not let poison accumulate in your system. When you suddenly become sick you hasten to pray to God for healing.  Don’t let your self sick.

Fasting with citrus juices is excellent for prevention of colds, but not during a cold, as they produce mucous. To rid yourself of a cold, it is better to fast on other unsweetened fruit juice, Fresh, ripe non citrus fruits and ground raw almonds (unsalted)  may also be taken.

“There is nothing that kills a cold as quickly as fasting,” said Paramahansaji.

“If you can fast twenty-four hours, the  cold usually goes away.” Regular elimination is important. Take a natural laxative during the fast if necessary.

Get Daily exercise:

Exercising regularly also helps the body resist colds and other infections.Those whose health permits should walk, jog, or take some other form of exercise every day until perspiration breaks out over the whole body. This not only eliminates the harmful poisons through the pores of the skin, but raises the body temperature enough to destroy harmful bacteria, in the same way a fever does for a sick person.

 From A Magazine Devoted to Healing of Body, mind and Soul. (YSS)



Author: vedvyash

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