Salt water hygiene for Throat and Sinuses

Yogis teach that gargling daily with mild salt water warmed to body temperature is a a very good preventative for colds.The flow of salt water they say, not only cleanses away unhealthy dirt, pollutants, and microbe-harbouring mucus from the throat and nasal membranes, but enhances the flow of prana  to these regions and aids in keeping the mucus membranes toned and healthy.

“Clearing the throat and nose with a mixture of half a teaspoonful of salt in a glass of tepid water early in the morning, at noon, and just before going to bed, has been found quite beneficial,” says Paramahandsaji in the YSS lessons. Many health practitioners find that non- iodized salt and purified (non-chlorinated) water works best.A number of health researchers  have documented the benefits of using this salt water mixture.Medical studies have found that many individuals– especially those who are chronically susceptible to colds or other sinus conditions–also benefit from the practice of neti, the ancient yogic nasal wash.This practice consists of gently irrigating the nasal passages with the warm salt water mixture.  For this traditional  form of yogic cleansing ,yogis often employ a small water vessel with a spout (some times called a “neti pot”); these can be found at many health food stores, with accompanying instructions.

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