Nervousness–Cause and Cure

Nervousness is a malady that can be overcome by a specific medicine: calmness. The disturbance of mental  equilibrium, which results in nervous disorders, is caused by continuous states of excitement or excessive stimulation of the senses. Indulgence in constant thoughts of fear, anger, melancholy, remorse, envy, sorrow, hatred, discontent, or worry; and lack of the necessities for normal and happy living, such as right food, proper exercise, fresh air, sunshine, agreeable  work and a purpose  in life, all are causes of nervous disease.

Any violent or persistent mental, emotional, physical excitement greatly disturbs and unbalances the flow of life force throughout the sensory -motor mechanism and the lamps of the senses.The nervous system was not made to withstand the destructive force of intense emotion or persistent  negative thoughts and feelings.

Far- Reaching effects of Nervousness

Nervousness is no simple problem; it is a deadly enemy with far- reaching effects. Physically, it is difficult to heal any disease so long as it is aggravated by nervousness. Spiritually an imbalance of life force in the body makes it extremely hard for the devotee to concentrate or meditate deeply enough to acquire peace and wisdom. But nervousness can be cured. Objective analysis of one’s problems, and maintaining calmness in all situations of life heal the most persistent case of nervousness.

Realization that all power to think, speak, feel, and act comes from God , and that he is ever with us, inspiring and guiding us, brings an instant freedom from nervousness. Flashes of divine joy will come with this realization;

The Nervous System 

The nervous system is the telephonic outlet and inlet of the body, providing man with his response to outer and inner stimuli. Excitement upsets the nervous balance, sending too much energy to some parts and depriving others of their normal share.This lack of proper distribution of nerve force is the sole cause of nervousness. The calm man —he who avoids excitement  because he is not overly attached to his ego and is aware  that God,  and not  he, is running this universe — is always able to meet any situation in life because his nerve force is equilibrated.

The nervous system supplies life current to the brain, heart and other parts of the body. It distributes energy to the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. How importance it is, therefore, to keep the nerves in a state of perfect balance, not shocking one part of the body with too much energy and consequently limiting the supply to other regions.

Nervousness is of two kinds —- psychological and mechanical, or superficial and organic. The psychological or most common variety is due to mind excitement.This condition, long continued in, and accompanied by association with uninspiring people and wrong diets and health habits, causes the chronic or organic manifestations of nervous diseases.

The diet should be simple, balanced, and not too plentiful. Exercise should be regular. Too much sleep drugs the nerves, and too little sleep is hurtful to them. But all important is the choice of company.

The best cure for nervousness is the cultivation of calmness. Association with calm, wise people is one of the quickest ways to banish nervousness and realize our innate divinity. Nervous people should stay away from those suffering from similar troubles. 

From ” Man’s Eternal Quest” by Sri Paramahansa Yogananda


Author: vedvyash

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