The Divine Art of Making Friends

First Self- Realization Fellowship Temple at Encinitas, California, January 22, 1939

Friendship is the noblest human expression of God’s desire to show His love to man. God showers affection on the baby through the father and mother; their feeling for the infant is inborn, because our creator has ordained that our parents can’t help but love us. But friendship comes to us as a free, impartial expression of His love. ( “He finds peace who knows  Me.. as the Infinite Lord of Creation, and as the Good Friend of all creatures”) (Bhagavad- Gita) 

Two strangers meet, and by an instantaneous choice of their hearts they wish to help each other.

Have you ever analyzed how this happens? The spontaneous mutual desire to be friends comes directly from God’s divine law of attraction; cumulative mutual acts of friendship between two souls in past lives gradually create a karmic bond that irresistibly attracts them to each other in this life.

So long as it is uncontaminated by selfishness or attraction

to the opposite sex, this impulse is pure. But often it is tainted. Friendship grows on the tree of our innermost feelings; it is desecrated by unwholesome desires and selfish actions. If you put the wrong kind of fertilizer on the roots of a tree, the fruit that develops will be poor; and when you feed the tree of human feeling with the emotion of selfishness, your unworthy motives will blemish the fruit of friendship.To feel interested in someone just because he is rich or influential and can do  something for you is not friendship. And to be attracted  to someone primarily because that person has a beautiful face is not friendship.When the face loses its youthful attractiveness, the  “friendship” will evaporate.

By Sri Paramahansa Yoganda from “Man’s Eternal Quest”


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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