Mahatma Gandhi a Memorial Tribute

“Qualitatively speaking, I have met many great, God- realized masters, with whom I have lived, and about whom I have written in my book, Autobiography of a yogi. But  quantitatively speaking, I think that since the time of Christ there has been no single Individuals whose life and ideals have influenced the masses more than Mahatma Gandhi’s. Christ’s teaching of loving enemies was never better demonstrated in the life of one individual on modern times than in the life of Mahatma Gandhi….

“Never has any religions or political leader been so honored at his death as Gandhi. He is even more powerful today than when he was alive. He retained his powers and exemplified his teachings to the very end. Only one week before his death, he was the target of a bomb, which barely missed him, but he asked his followers not to be hard on the traitors! He said that God was keeping him there to do a little more work; and that when it was done, God would take him away.The night before his death, he told his grandniece,’Abba, bring the important letters. I’ ll sign them.Tomorrow it may be too late’ He knew his time had come.

“Such a man is Gandhi, who has freed India, who has brought the nonviolent method before all bull headed politicians, and proved it an effective method.

“Mahatma Gandhi was of God. He may not have been as great as ……. the masters I knew, but he knew God.When he was shot, he had a smile on his lips,  and made a sign of forgiveness with his hand. With that gesture, Gandhi was asking the father’s forgiveness for his assassin, This was as inspiring as Jesus’ words on the cross, ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Courtesy: Wikipedia
Courtesy: Wikipedia

“Gandhiji, limited by his frail body, accomplished much, but his liberated spirit will work more mightily in the hearts of nations and individuals for all time.

“Let us pay homage to the ever-living great Mahatma Gandhi.He is not dead, for his exemplary life and spirit of goodness are going to work unhampered through the temple of our hearts ever and forever”

“Bless the soul of Gandhi, and bless us all, that we may remember his spirit– that we may remember how to fight evil, not by evil means and destroying the world, but by constructive goodness and love, as Christ taught and as Gandhi taught. May Gandhi live forever in our hearts, in God, and in India, and in the heart of all nation”

Today the Gandhi World Peace Memorial at the Lake shrine (erected by Paramahansaji)  attracts thousands of visitors a year, silently reminding all of the eternal message of ahimsa, forgiveness, and universal love for which this great soul lived and died.

-In the words of Si Sri Paramahansa Yogananda



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