Sayings of Paramahansa Yogananda

During a lecture Paramahansaji said: “Christ told each of us to ‘ love thy neighbor as thyself.’ But without soul knowledge, by which you realize that all men are indeed ‘ thyself,’ you cannot follow Christ’s command. To me there is no difference among men, because I see each one as God’s child. I can’t think of anyone as a stranger.

Once in Newyork city three holdup men surrounded me. I said: ‘Do you want money? Take it,’ and held out my wallet. I was in the superconscious state. The men did not reach for the wallet. Finally one of them said: ” Beg your pardon. We can’t do it’ they ran away.

On another night in New york, near Carnegie Hall where I had just delivered a lecture, a man with  a gun approached me.He said: ” Do you know I can shoot you?”

“Why?” I asked calmly. My mind was on God.

“You talk about democracy.” He was obviously a mentally disturbed person.We stood in sknowledge, pardon, ilence for a while, then he said:” Forgive me .You have taken away my evil.’ He ran down the street as swiftly as a stag.

“Those who are in tune with God can change men’s hearts.”

When the chapel at Self- Realization Fellowship headquarters was being redecorated, a disciple suggested that a niche hold a sanctuary lamp, known as a ” perpetual candle” to be lit by Paramahansaji.

The Master said, “I would like to feel that the lamp of devotion to God I have lit in your hearts is eternal. No other light is necessary.”

During 1951 Paramahansaji often hinted that his remaining days on earth were not many.

“Sir,” asked a distressed disciple, “When we can no longer see you, will you be as near as you are now?”

The Master smiled lovingly and said:

“To those who think me near, I will be near.”

The Master said: “By diving deep through your spiritual eye” you will see in to the fourth dimension, aglow with the wonders of the inner world. It is hard to get there, but how beautiful it is!

“Don’t be satisfied with a little peace of your meditation, but hunger again and again for His bliss. Day and night, while others are sleeping or spending their energy in fulfilling desires, you should whisper, ‘My Lord, my Lord, my Lord!’ And in time He will burst through the darkness and you will know Him. This world is an ugly place compared to the lovely realm of spirit. Remove the obstacles to divine by determination, devotion and faith.”

Balance  is a key word in the teachings of Paramahansaji.”If you practice meditation deeply, your mind will turn more and more intensely toward God,”he said.”However, you must not neglect your duties  in the world. As you learn to perform all your tasks with a peaceful mind you will be able to do things ore quickly, with greater concentration and efficiency. You will then find that no matter what you do, your activities will be permeated with the divine consciousness. That state comes only after you have practiced meditation deeply and disciplined your mind to revert to God as soon as you have performed your duties, and by doing them with the thought  that you are serving Him alone.”


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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