Kundalini: The Serpent Fire of Yoga

According to Sri Aurobindo, India is the Divine Mother incarnate among the nations world. India’s soul purpose as a nation is to serve as the spiritual guide and guru of nations to lead humanity forward in to a truly planetary age. If any nation can lead the world spiritually, it is probably India, which has never lost its ancient spiritual and yogic roots.

The fire of consciousness is best known in yogic thought as the Kundalini or the “Serpent fire,” said to be coiled like a serpent at  the base of the spine. Kundalini represents a very subtle yet extremely powerful bioelectrical force, with lightening- like action to unfold higher states of consciousness and perception. It is said to be composed of primal sound and mantra that constitute the energy of consciousness. It contains the secret evolutionary power of nature within us, motivating us towards a higher consciousness and Self-realization.

According to great yogis, the Kundalini is the root energy of the soul and carries its power. It is the ultimate transformative power of the soul’s fire.When the Kundalini awakens, it rises through the spine and opens the seven chakras that are the seats of higher consciousness placed along it. Once it reaches the head or crown chakra, our consciousness is liberated from time and space and we realize the universal self becoming one with the cosmic being  or or infinite light.

Kundalini is the fire of soul that is the basis of all evolutionary transformations. Its yogic awakening helps unfold our species’ potential to realize God.

Kundalini the Serpent Fire

Kundalini yoga is part of many Yoga paths, with various practices of asana, pranayama, mantra, visualization, and meditation. A form of yoga now common in the west that is connected to both the Vedic Rishi tradition and later Kundalini approaches is the Kriya Yoga tradition, which Paramahansa Yogananda first brought from India to the United States in the nineteen twenties. Yogananda, the author of the classic book Autobiography of a Yogi, has been perhaps the most significant figure in the Yoga tradition in America over the past century.Kriya Yoga emphasizes special pranayama techniques along with meditation and devotional practices, and is a comprehensive, yet practical integral Yoga for arousing the Kundalini and opening the chakras. It reflects the ancient Vedic fire Yoga, as Yogananda himself notes:

The real or inner fire ceremony is the uniting of life with the greater Life, by practice of pranayama or Kriya Yoga, the technique of life control.

When in the astral fire-rite the pranic current withdraws in to the subtle centres of the spine and brain, then instead of wasting its energies in reforming matter- bound cells, the freed reinforced prana awakens those cells with divine life by babtizing them with the light of spirit.

Yogananda himself mentioned the need for India and the Unites States to come together for the future evolution of humanity. He saw the combination of the yogic spirituality of India with the scientific humanism of America as the two complementary powers necessary to lead civilization forward to its higher purpose. Much of his work in America was aimed in that direction.

Babaji — the supreme guru behind Kriya Yoga tradition —- who was said to have achieved physical immortality through its practice, is perhaps the ultimate guide for this planetary transformation needed today. He may be one of the old Vedic Rishis who has remained with us through the centuries, as many Rishis, particularly Vasishta and Agastya, were not only great Yogis but the very founders of the Yoga tradition.

When individuals come together for inner practices whether physically or mentally— they can generate a power that grows geometrically according to the degree to which their are attuned and unified.They can create a powerful psychic energy in the collective mind that can neutralize even the darkest Karmas that haunt our species. This is the purpose of satsangas or gatherings of spiritualseekers in the name of or in the presence of the guru.

The call of the sacred fire takes us to spiritual practice, meditation, or Yoga in one form or another. We must strive to transform our planet in to a harmonious world that appears like a jewel of love in the greater universe of light. This higher spiritual evolution is our true future as a species.

By Dr. David Frawley   from a Magazine devoted to healing of body, mind, and soul

Photo Courtesy: http://www.indianetzone.com


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