How can we keep our body and mind healthy

To be sound of health is more than just the absence of pain, illness and symptoms. Health is a physical, mental, body and spiritual state of well- being. It is a state in which the mind,body, and spirit are in harmony with each other and the outside world.

In this state our organic, mental, and spiritual capacities are greatly enhanced and we are most resilient in the face of potential threats such as disease and infection and we are better able to recover from injury.

While health is certainly the desired state, we also need to be realistic and recognize that perpetual wellness is an unrealistic expectation. The most we can do is to provide an optimal environment to nurture the mind, body, and soul. We are constantly exposed to substances, organisms, situations, and events which can compromise our bodies, minds, and spirits.

We are also subjected to stress. There are three primary attitudinal components which are related to a healthy management of stress. These are: commitment, control, and challenge. Commitment can bee seen as doing something to the best of our ability. In so doing we derive satisfaction

From our work and it helps to give purpose and meaning to our life and what is more, it focuses our thoughts. A sense of being in control is equally important to deal effectively with stress. Stress is virtually unavoidable when one is charged with responsibility and denied an element of control.

Having control over a stressful situation can actually allow it to be perceived as a stimulating challenge, rather than a debilitating factor. Commitment, control, and challenge are conductive to producing an optimistic outlook, a positive attitude, and a feeling of hope. All these attitudes positively influence health. Indifference, lack of control, and boredom are conductive to producing a sense of hopelessness and a state of depression, both of which impact negatively upon health.

Loneliness and a lack of social or other support also have been recognized as important factors responsible for diminishing health and longevity. There is however a difference between being alone and being lonely. It is certainly possible to be among others and feel isolated and lonely and it is also possible to be alone without feeling lonely. Loneliness involves a sense of incompleteness and emptiness, a yearning for contact with others, and a general unhappiness.

Any time in the course of life loneliness can strike and it is difficult to bear. It is something we must deal with. We can deal with such a situation only by establishing an intimate relationship with God. When we do that, we need never feel lonely again.

When we pray, the divine spirit and the human spirit can have a positive impact upon health. The very act of  seeking assistance from God has a positive impact on the human body and spirit. Prayer also quiets the mind and reduces stress and anxiety and thus strengthens the immune system and our recuperative powers.

Our bodies themselves produce all the medicines we can ever find a need for, from the righ foods that we consume. Every bite of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes is loaded with thousands of phytochemicals which fight cancer, high cholesterol and a hue number of of potential health hazards. When we eat these nourishing foods we should do so with a pleasant mental image of taking powerful medicines which allow our body to remain healthy.

Praying and praising God are powerful antidotes to the constant flood of negative information. Knowing that there is a limitless source of goodness in to which one can tap is an intensely calming thought. Knowing that you have an intimate relationship with an All- powerful, All- knowing, All- loving God is the most comforting thought conceivable. Why these thoughts alone are enough for anyone to maintain one’s body as one should.

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation, was confident that he would be around to complete the proverbial Vedic span of a hundred years and an assassin’s bullet abruptly orphaned the entire nation. This is what he has  said about health:

“The body is the home of the soul. Can its mysterious tenant find rest and unmixed joy within its chambers if daily exposed to sharp and shivering shocks through its achin joints or quivering nerves? If God has bestowed upon you the inestimable gift of good health and a good constitution, it is your duty, as a rational creature, to preserve it.”

—By Sri Surendralal G.Mehta


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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