Where Are Our Departed Loved Ones?

There is a power that will light

Your way to health, happiness,

Peace, and success, if you will

but turn toward that light.

—Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda

Science has not created or invented anything; it has only discovered what is already existing in God. If we put our minds to it, we can similarly resolve the mysteries about which I am going to speak today. When I talk to you about these  things, it is not from what I have read or studied, but from my own direct experience of truth. You may think it strange, but when I am speaking, I am at that moment seeing whatever I am describing to you. And why not? Through an X-ray machine, you can see the skeletal frame and all of the organs of the body Certainly the human consciousness has much greater powers of perception than any machine.

The little brainless radio can penetrate the ether and receive messages broadcast from miles away.Our consciousness is far more sensitive than this when we learn to finely tune it. Behind the body and all the thoughts identified with it is the subtle inner world, which is vitally linked with this world. You can behold this inner world when you have advanced spiritually.

The Unperceived World of thought: We are accustomed to perceiving and responding primarily to gross manifestations that can be picked up by the senses. For the mos part, we remain unaware of the subtle forces around us. Ye every thought we think sets up a particular subtle vibration. Do you know that because of this you can’t hide from others what you really are? If you have done wrong, you know it. Even though you think you may be hiding it, the consciousness of having done wrong is present in your thoughts. People will find you out, because those thought vibrations will be reflected in some way in your behavior. The same of course is true of good thoughts. When you mentally utter the word “God” and keep on repeating that thought within, it sets u pa vibration that invokes the presence of God.

Thoughts are so subtle that no instrument haws been able to record them.This is why we have voices; they enable us to convey our thoughts. But if you advance spiritually and cultivate deep calmness within, you will be able to feel and read the thoughts of others.When you are disturbed or restless, your mind radio is so out of tune it cannot receive their mental messages. If your consciousness is always is always fixed on externals— the body, desires, what somebody else has or is doing— it will never be aware of the subtle activities that are going on within and around you.

Where is heaven?

The fourth dimension is the sphere of lifetrons, which can be perceived only through the sixth sense of intuition. As your senses become  spiritually refined, they become intuitive, and you become more conscious of that other world. And where is that other world? Many people think it is far off in the skies, but this is not so. The fourth dimension, the astral world— heaven— is just behind the gross vibration of this physical realm. On the astral planets, life is not dependent upon breath or food or oxygen But one must develop spiritually in order to experience and understand the higher forces and laws of life. This is not a fantasy of an overwrought imagination.

We are made of God’s thoughts, which Death cannot destroy:

You are beholding only the middle of life; you do not see the beginning or the end. It isn’t even reasonable to assume that death is the end—- that we who are so intelligent and full of life cease to exit as soon as we fall asleep in death. The whole human being is a cluster of the creative thoughts  and consciousness of God, which physical death cannot destroy.If death were the end, then there is no God, and there are no realized masters— it is all a pack of lies. The great ones wouldn’t urge you to become better, for what would be the use if, good or bad, we are all junked at the end of life? what would be the value of the scriptures? why should good men trey to be even better There would be no justice whatsoever if this present existence is all there is to each individual life. What of those souls who lived only a few years, or lived in blind or crippled bodies?

 Technique of sending Thoughts to Departed Souls:

To send your thoughts to loved ones who have passed on, sit quietly in your room and meditate upon God. When you feel His peace within you, concentrate deeply at the Christ center, of will at the point between the two eyebrows, and broadcast your love to those dear ones who are gone. Visualize at the Christ center the person you wish to contact. Send to that soul your vibrations of love, and of strength and courage. If you do this continuously, and if you don’t lose the intensity of your interest in that loved one, that soul will definitely receive your vibrations. Such thoughts give your loved ones a sense of well-being, a sense of being loved.They have not forgotten you any more than you have forgotten them. There is still the dim memory in their consciousness of the loved ones they have left behind.

When you want to feel a response from such souls, concentrate at the heart center. When you concentrate deeply enough, they may first appear in dreams. It is possible for them to do so. Sometimes  you may have the same significant dream several times. So not all dreams are meaningless.If your mind is calm and attuned, you will know someone is trying to get in touch with you through that dream. As you develop spiritually, your loved ones may appear to you are very highly developed, you can behold those souls right here in front of you. St. Francis of Assisi used to see Jesus Christ in the flesh every night. But you must be really advanced before you can have such an experience. If you deeply meditate on God, He will show you all of these things.

Instead of weeping and feeling a sense of those who are dear to you, always send them your love. By doing so you can help the progress of their souls, and they can help you. Never drag them down by unreasonable feelings of selfish attachment and sorrow. Just say to them, “I love you.”

Send your thoughts of love and goodwill to your loved ones as often as you feel inclined to do so, but at least once a year– perhaps on some special anniversary. Mentally tell them, “We will meet again sometime and continue to develop our divine love and friendship with one another”I f you send them your loving thoughts continuously now, someday you will surely meet them again. You will know that this life is not tthe end, but merely one link in the eternal chain of your relationship with your loved ones.


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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