Remembering Ma:

Touching the Heart of all Religions

Once in Ranchi, Ma as travelling down the street in a rickshaw. She looked over to one side and there was a small Hanuman temple where you could see the image through the doorway. At the very sight she went into ecstasy, and they had to hold her from falling out of the rickshaw. We saw this frequently with Ma in India. She would totally let go of her outer role and organizational responsibilities as the president, and inwardly become completely absorbed in God, in her love for God.

Usually when she would give a Satsanga, there would be at least one nun— often Mrinalini Ma or Ananda Ma—- sitting to one side or the other, or both, just in case she would go in to ecstasy, that spiritual withdrawal  inward, and physically just fall over. It wouldn’t take much sometimes to trigger that experience. Blowing a conch shell, for example. We were told, ” Don’t blow conch shells.” as Ma heard in  them the great Cosmic Aum vibration and would melt in to the consciousness of the inner world. Or Brahmacharini Mirabai’s chantings of bhajans to God.— it was so hard moving, so filled with devotion and love for God,, that Ma herself would get absorbed in that feeling and go in to a different realm, a deeper spiritual consciousness or ecstasy.

—-– Swami Visbwananda


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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