Be a Smile Millionaire

The real smile is the smile of bliss that comes when you meditate, when you feel the joy of God’s presence. That is the smile on Lahiri Mahasaya’s face. He is seeing the world partially , but seeing God fully. My smile comes from a joy deep within my being, a joy that you also may attain. Like a fragrance it oozes out from the core of the blossoming soul. This joy calls others to bathe in its waters of divine bliss.

Smile with the Love of God:

Most smiles are born of good emotions arising out of good, or out of feeling sympathy, love, kindness, or mercy. But the most wonderful way to smile is to fill your heart with the love of God. Then you will be able to love everybody, you will be able to smile all the time. All other forms of smiles are evanescent because emotions flicker and pass away, no matter how good they are. The only thing that can last is the joy of God. When you have that, you can smile all the time. other wise , when you are feeling merciful toward someone and he returns your kindness with a slap, you won’t be able to feel mercy toward him any longer.

When your soul is filled with joy you are attractive. I like only divine smiles, because without them, human beings are like puppets . Do not seek your happiness in the senses. Find joy within and express it in your face.When you do that, wherever you go a little smile will surcharge everyone with your divine magnetism. Every body will be happy .

Meditate on the Lord at night until you are uplifted in Him and feel locked in His joy. He will tell you everything. And you can smile an eternal smile. Your thoughts, your words, your writing and every thing you do will be impregnated with the joy shining in that smile. Wherever you meditate you will leave behind a fragrance of smiles, and whoever will come there will also be moved to smile with God. You can smile all the time when you dwell in His ineffable bliss.

—–Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda “Man’s Eternal Quest”








Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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