Home Dream Home!

I do have a beautiful home with God’s grace. But isn’t it sometimes exciting to forget the reality and dream about something that would colour your imagination?! Yes, right?! That’s how I got into a beautiful dream of creating another beautiful imaginary home for my children and grandchildren. Join my dream, let’s get into my home – dream – home!!

My home dream home, undoubtedly will be in the middle of huge acres of land. Not just empty land. It ought to be dense with trees – trees of all kinds where I could use my botanical knowledge to teach trees to my grandchildren.  I would happily sit watching the humming birds come to my bird homes searching for something with their sharp beaks. It is a wonder how they can maintain still at one place for long. The art of balancing! Once in a while, I would go lawn mowing with the little ones. They always feel like adults, responsible and talented, when I take them with me for a little help in the garden work.

And this is how my dream garden resting place will look like.


The anti-slip floors in the pictures above and below would be perfect for a entry into the main space.


Who wouldn’t want a beach at their back door? My back door would face a beach and it ought to have another beautiful resting place like this.


All the kids at home enjoy swimming though sadly I didn’t learn it the whole of my life. And how would my tea-dining near the swimming area look like? Yes, like this!


Or even beautiful, like this. See that, at the far corner? I would watch the kids playing in water from out there.


I like small living areas that face outdoors through glass walls. It gives a feeling of connectedness with the outside world, not alienated within spaces.




Then comes every woman’s heart – the kitchen!!! I don’t think I would settle down with one kitchen design. I would perhaps have to consider 100s of it before I can fix one. Even after I choose one, I doubt if I would be completely happy with it. My heart would for sure go back to the other designs. Such is the complexity of this room. Easy to work, organized spaces, spacious to extend my hands to all corners – indeed, designing kitchen is an art. Keeping it tidy is an art superior to it. A few of my dream kitchens, though I cannot say for sure I would choose one from here 🙂




I wish I can fill my home with art pieces but it’s going to be messy. So a few corridors with art pieces on either sides would fill my heart enough. Also check the floor tiles in this picture, suits the space so well.


Let me not miss the bathrooms. They ought to be warm and cozy, of course!


Wasn’t that a real home dream home????!!!!


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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