Revive your Relationships

A couple in our neighborhood often drop home to give us company. We know them for a couple of years now, from the time they got married. I should say they were one of the couples I have admired immensely for the life I see in their relationship. They had been in a relationship for about five years before their marriage while they worked together for the same concern. They patiently waited to get the usual Indian wedding problems – caste, parent’s non-acceptance, sister’s marriage and pay-off the education loan – to get sorted.The boy used to reside nearby our house and we’ve seen them around sometimes. After their hard-earned wedding, they rented a flat down our lane from when they made a good acquaintance with us.

We had joyous times planning with one of them for a secret birthday party for the other. The girl would learn recipes from me that were his favorites once upon a time. The boy had taken me twice to shop sarees for her. And you can imagine the little joys they cherished together and the little joys we had with them as well.

But lately, I have not met them for a while. Yesterday the girl came to visit us – yes, alone. She did not look fine. To our shock, she disclosed her decision to move away from him, to live separately. Definitely, for the way they had cared for each other, one would not expect this from them. She had her own reasons to feel not cared for. If we would have talked to him, I am sure he would have his own.

Such decisions were uncommon during our days. The sense of commitment was stronger in our era. Not that there were no issues at all between a couple, but that would never lead to thoughts of separation. We spoke to her for a while. She didn’t seem to be convinced about living with him again. We requested her to speak her heart out to him for one last time and pointed out specifically to hold his hands while she speaks. We said this because we believe in the power of touch. It certainly speaks more than words. She said it will be embarrassing as their relationship has strained to that extent. With the little push we gave, finally she agreed.

Like spring time blooming again after a year’s time, we found them together at our place one day. It was a good news that everythings got okay between them. We had an energetic discussion after their revival and they accepted certainly the holding hands helped to heal half their hurts.

It may seem a myth, but to all couples who sense the forming of a deep gorge between each other, try this out. Caress his curly hairs or pinch her cheeks sometimes. You will know what magic that power of loving touch can do!

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Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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