Step by Step Guide to Lucky 6 Fat Cat App

Good news to iOS and Android mobile users!

By just downloading a free app on your mobile, you get the chance to win Rs.25 Lakh or a holiday trip to an exotic place. Wonder what this is about???

I am talking about a brand new mobile app introduced by Fat Cat Gaming called Lucky 6. It is a free and simple lottery game. Once you download the app, you need to select 6 brands from a list of around 100 brands. There will be a “Game Day”, each week, usually on a Wednessday. If the brands you have selected matches the top 6 brands on the game day’s stock exchange markets, then you win. The prizes are a jackpot of Rs.25 Lakh for the winner or a holiday trip to an exotic place for the top scorer, in case there are no winners.

Here’s an easy and quick step by step guide to use the Fat Cat App:

Downloading the Fat Cat App

1. Go to

2. Click on the respective links to download the app for either iOS or android mobiles. You will get a prompt to save the file. Click on ‘save’. The file should get saved in your ‘downloads’ folder with the name ‘fatcat.apk’. The file is around 34MB.

3. If you download to your PC or laptop, transfer the downloaded file to your mobile using either bluetooth or a cable.

4. Locate the ‘fatcat.apk’ file on your mobile. In most mobiles, it will be in your File Manager (In case you don’t find it,search in ‘Downloads’ folder or ‘Bluetooth’ folder if you have transferred via bluetooth).

5. Open the file and install the app on your mobile.

6. Now when you start using the app, you will be asked to sign up using your Email ID. You will also need to create a 5 digit pass code. Remember to place your cursor to the extreme left while creating your pass code to accommodate all the 5 characters.

Fat Cat 1

7. An activation link will be sent to your Email. Click on the link to activate.

8. Open the Fat Cat App

9. Login, enter pass code and you are ready to play now!

Playing Lucky 6

1. A soon as you open the app, you will be prompted to select your brands.

2. Scroll to check all the pre-selected brands. Click 6 of your favourite brands one by one.

3. After 6 brands are chosen, you will see a prompt asking you to confirm your selection.

4. Once you confirm, you are done.

5. A ticket for each of your brand gets created. There might be a time lapse until your play gets started. The time left for your game to get started will be displayed on top of your “Selections” page.

Fat Cat 2

6. Sit back and check your tickets and scores time to time. The rank of your brands and your score are available live withi the app. Either do a right slide or use the Menu icon on top left corner to browse through the app – to check your tickets, to see your scores, to read guidelines etc.

Fat Cat 4

Good – to- Know

1. Entries to the contest are limited to 3 per account.

2. Entries close 30 minutes before the contest starts.

3. Entry is not permitted during the contest.

4. If there is more than one winner of the jackpot, it will be shared.

5, If the jackpot is not won, the payer with the highest score wins a prize of an all expense holiday for two.

6. If two or more players carry the same  score, the player with the highest score in the next game shall be deemed the outright winner.

7. If a player you introduced wins the jackpot, you get a bonus of Rs.6.25 Lakh.

8. An introduced player is one that has created an account and acknowledged your introduction by entering your nickname as their referrer upon registration. If you got introduced to Lucky 6 Fat Cat 6 through this blog post, please use Nandhini as your referrer nick name.

9. All winners are announced within 2 hours of the end of the contest on Game Day and will be displayed in the App and/or website. Winners will be contacted by email.

10. There could be a tax deduction from the jackpot money or prize.

If you found this blog post helpful, please use Nandhini as your referrer nick name while registering with the App.

If you get to know additional useful info for lucky 6 players, please post as a comment below. Will be update in the post with due credit to the commenter.


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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