So Much to Clean…………!!!!!!!!

Wonder where?

On the roads? At home? Of course, yes! But most of all, in our minds!!!!

I am talking about cleaning up India out of the garbage, the dirt, the filth, the sewage, the……well, so much to clean!!!! But brooms may not help our nation as much as self-discipline can. See how we (yes, you, me and they) act in our daily lives. What needs to be cleaned up first will come to light then.

Please take some time to know about the AbMontuBolega campaign sponsored by Strepsils. You can voice out your opinion about cleaning India as I did here in my post. Follow their Facebook page and tweet about this campaign using #AbMontuBolega.

Indian homes are clean in and out, no doubt. That’s what most women in India have been doing for ages. The untidy India begins when we step out of our homes. There’s a trash paper lying near our front gate. How do we clear it? Silently move it to the neighbour’s gate. The point is “my house is somehow clean.”

You want to spit while driving a car. Why? Holding it inside will lead to throat cancer? Well, slide down the window. Instruct the person seated behind has his/her window closed. But even that is not always necessary. Now do your job. After all, it’s going to be the biker coming behind who is going to receive your shower.

You buy a Lays packet before getting into the train. Not that you are hungry, but you need to kill time for the next few hours. You criticize this man, that lady – of course, within yourself – as you put in the Lays, one by one. And at one time, when there are no more people to worry about and no more Lays to munch, you drop it out of the window. Or if the window shutter is closed, drop it down. Where does it go? That’s not your business. You had to munch, it’s done. Well, over!

Mom asks you to discard the home waste into the nearest trash bin. You go there, you see a pile of garbage, half a kilometer from the actual trash bin. That means, the trash area begins here. You assume that the bin is full, so the over-filling has resulted in the garbage explosion to where you are standing now. You add your’s to the pile and walk away.

You travel in a local bus. You make sure you hold the ticket tight in your hand because ticket checking might happen any time in this city. Your stop is nearing and you slowly begin to loosen the grip of your ticket. By the time you get down and the bus moves away, the ticket which was once your dear possession, would have been already thrown a while ago.

Sounds funny?

This is where cleaning up India should begin.


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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