Happy Vacation with my Children and Grandchildren

As any old couple would fantasy upon, we sometimes imagine going on a long vacation with our children and all our grandchildren. I remember those days when our daughters were young and we would visit popular places, some near and some far ,at least once in a year. Those used to be the most joyous times of the year. I relive all those moments now and wish to go once again for such a vacation, now along with additional family members – all the little ones of our daughters!


It has always been pleasant to visit hill stations or coastal tourist places because of the climate of the former and for the landscape at the sea shores. Now it would require quite a big sized car or a sort of a mini van to accommodate the entire family. This time, we believe we don’t have to do the driving part or the planning part as our children are grown ups to guide us whole through the journey. All that we would do is sit back and relax, watch the little naughty ones playing, get amused by all their questions and work our brains hard to give them answers.

As parents and grandparents, we would share the memories of the bygone years with all. There might be a few incidents that are new to our son-in-laws as well. Probably, we would narrate them the most interesting part of our old vacations, some terrifying situations and how we came out of it. I am sure our daughters would have much more things to add to from their memories.

Certainly, with age we would not be able to dive into the beach or walk briskly with other’s pace. However, we would enjoy from far how all the kids rejoice this togetherness. We shall watch them to make sure they are safe all the time. It needs a lot of care especially when more than two children group together. To watch over them and guide them wherever necessary would be our prime concern.

I would tell them stories at bedtime which they always love to hear. I shall sing songs for them till they get the boredom out on me. And did I forget my camera?! That will not stop even a minute. What would remain with us after we reach hour home would be the memories of the vacation. I would ensure we have enough pictures and videos of the fun moments captured in my camera to last till we plan for the next vacation. We shall make portraits of the best pictures of each and surprise them for their birthdays or Christmas.

I wish the resorts we stay have the provision for self-cooking. I love to make the desserts for dinner time for all my grandchildren. And some hot tea when we all are back to the resort, tired! I am wishing and counting days for such a pleasant trip to come to pass in the near future.


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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