Sometimes Truth Wins!

Well, the title also means most of the times truth doesn’t. It’s just my personal opinion though what I have in store to tell you all today is not just a memory but also a transformational experience for a dear friend.

Jay and Sheetal were known to me since their childhood. They were neighbours to each other and to us as well for several years. Like all love marriages, they got married one day after a few years of opposition from both sides. After marriage, like all other stories, everything seemed alright with both the families though something wasn’t well between the two. I came to know this when once I met Jay in a temple. He seemed a little down or may be to put exactly, a little confused about something. He hesitated for sometime when I asked what’s going around his head. At the finish of his ninth round around the Navagraha, he slowly opened up. What he disclosed came like a thunder upon me.

The shocking news was that lately he had been attracted to a woman who is a divorcee and works in the same office as his. He had already started going out with the lady. Though he loved Sheetal dearly, it felt difficult to let go this new woman out of his life. Since she was living alone, he had decided to look for a house near his office and have her stay there; he meant indirectly to be in a live-in relationship with her. But he was confused about how to deal with Sheetal’s life now.

It was the most disgusting fancy I would have heard from any of my friends in the whole of my life. None of my words could convince him what so ever and we ended the conversation when he said assertively, “I thought about it enough and I’ve decided not to lose Shilpa for any reason.” Before leaving he took a promise from me that this shouldn’t reach Sheetal ever.


I kept wondering for the next few days how such women willingly disturb a married man’s life. My immediate response was to inform Sheetal about it. I dialled her number a couple of times but hesitated to talk anything about this to her. It was really a sensitive issue and I was put in a worst dilemma. It urged to disclose the truth to her but I was afraid of the consequences. What if this would lead to their separation? How can I be the reason for it? However is it just on my part to hide it from her as well? But before Jay and Shilpa get more closer, I had to choose – between truth and my promise. For the sake of her life, I chose the former!

I called upon Sheetal over to my place the next day. Even before I could complete what I had to say, she broke into tears and left away. I was worried what would happen between them now but I was at least relieved that I did the right thing.

I heard from her a few weeks later. What happened after I spoke to her was way out of my imagination. On her return, Sheetal insisted to meet this new lady of his life. She was surprised to meet the same woman whom she knew was in a relationship with one of her friends, a few months before. That dug a lot of past of this fancy lady which finally put an end to the new story as well.

For one more time, I was relieved that I did the right thing in time.


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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