ASUS PC ET2040 Vs ASUS Eee Book X205

At the time when we were looking to purchase a new computer, we came down to these to models. ASUS PC ET2040 and ASUS Eee Book X205. It’s a hard, at the first place, to decide whether to go for a PC or a laptop. And ironically, out of the two that we shortlisted, one is a PC and the other a laptop. If you happen to face a similar dilemma, consider the features of each, checking which one would be more advantageous than the other according to your personal usage. For instance, let’s discuss the features of the selected two:


It has Intel Pentium Quad Core J2900 processor with 2GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive. It has an inbuilt power backup for one hour. There is a new feature of gesture control by which several operations in the system can be performed from a five meter distance like playing your favourite audios and videos, regulating the player, seeing photos and adjusting like rotation etc. The model is compact with a 19.5 inch screen embedded in a 14mm thick jacket that saves space smartly. It has good audio quality, super speed USB ports and LED display. Also, this model comes with a fast and responsive processor which helps in smooth multi-tasking of various operations at one time and quick switching between several open browsers and screens. An added feature is the super speed USB 3.0 ports. The advantage of USB 3.0 port is that charging of smart phones, tabs or Ipods is done with 50% additional speed of the USB 2.0 ports. Also, transfer of data from phones or other devices to the PC or vice versa is ten times faster. Coming to the audio quality, the richer bass and wider frequency response makes an enjoyable listening experience. A unique Audiowizard that has five selectable modes provides flexible choices to standardize the audio output settings according to user preference. Interesting apps come built-in. PhotoDirector to manage and edit pictures, PowerDirector to create easy videos, Fingertapps Instrument and Jigs war for exciting playing are a few of the prominent apps.

ASUS Eee Book X205:

This features Intel Atom Processor Z3735F with Quad Core, Intel Gen 7Graphics, 2GB DDR3 1600 and 32 GB EMMC. Its more compact and light weight.

And My Choice is:

Now to give you a description of my usage, power cut is a main concern in our locality. That said, I will definitely prefer  laptop than a PC because a laptop will power backup for sometime at least till I can properly shut down the system. However, given the option of a PC with a power back up, it seems advantageous than a laptop. Especially given the privilege of the remote gesture control, ASUS PC ET2040 is fantastic and exciting as well.


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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