Cupid Games 2015

“This is an imaginary post written for Cupid Games 2015 activity at Indi Happy Hours in association with Close Up.”

I hope I let him know my love for him on Valentine’s day. We’ve been the best buddies ever since the first day of our management course. It’s been a year and now I cannot imagine a future without his presence though I know he is a kind of an insane guy.  He is a book maniac and the only emotion he has ever expressed to me is his hunger. Thus I decided to give him a terrific proposal, lest he might take me lightly, as he always does with everything else. I bought two of the books he’s been babbling about lately and his favourite food from KFC and now heading on to bribe the traffic police. Traffic police?! Yes, come listen to my plan.

I have chosen one of the busiest traffic signals in the city which he has to cross everyday, on his way to college. . For love’s sake I will bribe the policeman at this signal for one more time, though it would be my nth time 😛 I will appoint a spy to inform me when my guy leaves his home and another to let me know when he is just about to reach the signal. I will request the policeman to call out my crush’s name through the loud speaker, soon after the red lights come live at the signal.

He would park his bike wherever he is at the moment and come forward to the white line, not knowing what to assume. I guess he might pee a little in his pants in fear 😆 Then from nowhere, I would appear in front of him with his favourite books and the KFC Zinger bucket. I am sure he will be confused which one to grab first even before thinking why I am doing this. Hopefully, he will give me his usual rude look and take them from my hand.

I cannot give him much time; the green lights might come soon anytime now and also he might side onto the pavement with the zinger in one hand and the open book in other. Yes, I told you, he’s that insane!

I hope it would rain at that moment. I have always been able to connect to my emotions well with the aura of rains around me.

Before he could make a move, I would go on my knees and declare my love for him in front of the lucky citizens of the city. I won’t mind if tomorrow’s headlines read “For the first time in Indian history, a girl went on her knees to woo her crush, blocking the traffic in the middle of the city.”

I may as well bribe the traffic police some extra bugs if he is willing to threaten him that the red lights won’t turn green until he accepts my proposal. Aw! Imagine, what a ROFL scene it would be to watch his eyes bulge out in shock!!!!!


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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