A Life of My Dream!

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It’s difficult to judge if I am living the life of my dream. No, I do not mean I am not. Just that it’s hard to pinpoint what’s in my life belongs to my dream and what doesn’t. Over the years, we tend to leave away our desires and move on, accepting what has come our way rather than getting stuck at one place. Sometimes, those abandoned dreams get diluted and washed away by time and age and there are other dreams as well that stay in some corner of the heart no matter how many years pass by. After all, human life is such!

However, for fantasy sake, If I have to imagine that I would have no restrictions what so any, then what would I dream to do and dream to become?

Regular Spiritual Practices: My priority goes to my spiritual practices at this point in time. It’s easier said than done to maintain regularity. The ever-calling duties do not seem to leave me. There has always been a next one waiting for me even before I could complete the present one. If I can live a life without limitations, I would first wish to be regular in my everyday practices.

Visit Places of my Interest: When I hear about a few places, I wish I could visit them. As always, barriers find easy ways to find me. If I can go a step beyond my barriers, I would like to travel far over the seas and rivers. I’ve often wondered how it would be to fly across River Thames, may be an effect of an old romantic song 🙂 Yes, sailing is one of my dreams! I would experience life on sea and oceans and relate with the adventure books I’ve read like treasure island and pirates of the Caribbean.

Serve Old age Homes: Of course, I am not young enough. But definitely not old though. The thought of being helpful to old people in need is wonderful. I couldn’t bring it to reality ever, though. It is quite hard for people who have lived a long life, when they become dependent in their old age. Usually they have several stories to share about their lives and experiences. And just to vent them out is relieving to them. If not anything else, I would at least like to sit with them to listen to their stories.

Stay in Spiritual Ashram: At one point, when I have done my house hold chores enough for life, I dream to reside in an ashram. To be in a community of like-minded people having a similar goal is a blessing. Especially, I can gain the right kind of motivation towards my path under the guidance of a living Guru. If I need not bother about other commitments, I would dream to be in such a place.

Write my Biography: Sounds funny to me too! But I feel one need not be popular or have achieved something spectacular in order to pen down a biography. Every one on Earth has a story, isn’t? Writing our experiences might be helpful for our future generations to learn and grow and avoid what we did in our own lives. If it will not be laughed at, I would like to write my story.


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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