Bedtime Memories with my Baby

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One of the memorable times with my daughter when she was a baby is the bedtime moments. The cuddling time would begin early in those days, just soon after dinner. Her most fun-loving activity was the traditional rocking with the baby on the legs. I would make her sit high on my knees and rock front and back singing an old lullaby of my granny times. She would first giggle and start a loud cacophony as the rocking picks up speed. Most of the times, in a few minutes, she would fall asleep after the fun ride on my legs. Rocking is a way to put babies to sleep. Be in a cradle or the traditional cloth swing, babies tend to fall asleep almost quickly with the swaying motion than anything else.

One of her another joyous ways to fall asleep is by playing pee-ka-boo! Children of all generations cherish playing this one game. She would hide herself in my saree or behind the curtains or cover herself up with the bed sheet. I must act for sometime calling her name and not finding her. She will remain quiet with the most naughty smile on her face until I open up her secret veil and she will bounce back at me with her loudest of laughter. We would cuddle for a while, having enjoyed a super play and in a few minutes, she will again hide herself and begin round two. This will go on until she is a little tires though not bored of the game. And will slowly rest on me and go off to sleep.

At other times, I would tell her stories of my childhood; of how we grew up at our father’s place. She would ask questions in between about the different lifestyle that we had then in 60s. Sometimes, I read Panchatantra stories aloud for her. Sometimes, I would cook up some thriller stories of ghosts of the unscary types. Most often, she would have gone to deep sleep even before I could finish the tales. And thus I never had to give an end to my cooked up stories 😆

It becomes difficult when we are away from home. Children tend to feel disturbed when they are out of their usual place and around new people, to sleep well. Mostly during such times, I will have to carry her on my shoulders, sometimes all through the night, singing or talking something to her. In that way, she feels secure and safe to go to sleep in the new place. But the moment, I place her down from my hand, she will know it even in the middle of deep sleep and will quickly give out a high scream in the dead silence of the hour.


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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