Bye Bye Alto

You guessed it right! It’s been a while with our Alto K10 and now it’s time for a new car to drive our dreams. And guess how I would go about it? Simple!

I would go to

Post an ad about my Alto.

And then get started with Quikr NXT!

If you are not aware of, Quikr NXT is a bew chat feature in the Quikr website that allows one to communicate in real time with a buyer or a seller just like in any other chat service. By far, it has several advantages over communicating by Email ID or phone. First, I can save my privacy. I do not have to disclose my Email ID or mobile number to a stranger because Quikr NXT requires only me Quikr username to login.

Well, this is how my chat with a potential buyer of my old car would go:

Buyer: Hello

Me: Hi

Buyer: I’ve seen the ad you’ve posted about your car

Me: Yes, tell me

Buyer: I see it is Alto K10, bought in 2012

Me: Yes

Buyer: May I know why do you want to sell your car? It’s been only a couple of years since you bought.

Me: Well, the family size is getting bigger with grandchildren coming in every year 🙂 So we need a bigger car now to accommodate all of us.

Buyer: I see. Is it in right working condition?

Me: Yes, ofcourse

Buyer: In your ad, there’s only one picture of the front view. May I see more pictures of all the sides to make sure there are no scratches. Also can I have a look at the inside as well?

Me: Sure. Please give me a minute while I take the snaps.

I am done taking the pictures.


Buyer: Thank you. Seems fine. How about the price?

Me: The on-road price when I got it was Rs. 4.1 lakhs. I am willing to sell it for Rs. 3.1 lakhs.

Buyer: Any negotiation?

Me: May be 10k, not lesser than that.

Buyer: 3 lakhs sounds good. Can I meet you by evening to have a look at the car and make the deal?

Me: Sure.

And thus I got a buyer for my Alto by Quikr NXT.

If you had noticed, I didn’t have to reveal my personal details throughout the conversion. Good, isn’t?

Also, if I quote different prices to different buyers, I can keep a track of them through their individual chat saves. Generally this is so difficult with phone calls because you would receive humpty number of calls within a few hours of posting the ad and it’s hard to remember what price I had quoted to each.

The next step is to buy my new car.

I would search the site for new cars that fit my new dreams.

Once I spot sellers, I would get started again with Quikr NXT.


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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