Start a New Life!


That was the year of a huge change for our family. After having lived in one of the major cities of the country for fourteen long years, we had to move to a smaller town in 1996.

As grown ups, it was difficult for us to think about adapting to another environment, especially which is going to be less trendy and comfortable than our present lives. And we could understand how demotivating it would be for our children to make this move at the peak of their teen years. However, life left us in a situation where we had no choice but take this decision. The business we were running wasn’t going good enough to provide us food for the future. The other business at the native seemed promising though. It was a tough decision, but we decided to move to our town and live well. We hoped all would find the change warmer as days go by.

From a far sight, it seems a no-big-deal situation. But that moment of change, it was a huge crisis for the entire family. Our children were in the same school from the beginning of their schooling. Now, to move to another place would mean, change of school, making new friends and adapting to just everything. We didn’t feel quite well for them. But we took the bold step; to start a new life again. We kept from discussing this to them until the day we had to move so that they had less time to worry about.

Well, for a few days it was challenging. The challenge was more in the mind than in reality. We were amazed that children made a fast move to cope with the changes. They were in fact excited with their new school and friends. That was a huge relief.

I had lived with the company of my dear friends and relatives in my old place for years. There weren’t known people to interact with in the new town. With age, it is even more harder to bend the will and mind according to situations. Even though we were surrounded by friendly neighbours, it wasn’t easy for my heart to accept new relations in my life. I found that my kids could do it more easily than we imagined.

And thus we started a new life!

Before we could realize how we all got set to this town, another move waited us in a few years. It was much more easier the second time, may be because, we had already come far from our roots.

Yet another learning that ‘this too shall pass’.

Such life experiences only leave me to accept that life moves on no matter what. People, places, occupation, wealth, possessions – there is a constant change in all of these aspects of life and in our priorities. Sometimes we fall, yes. But we won’t remain fallen forever. With time, we learn to pick up ourselves at some point to Start a New Life!

The sooner we learn, the better!


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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