A Step Forward in Life

No matter how much wealth we may accumulate or how many houses we may buy, one question that must dig us deep is what do we need at the end of life. What would we long for on the last day of our lives? I don’t think anybody would want wealth and houses nearby. Most might feel good to have our loved ones near while we depart. However, for one who realizes that even loved ones cannot join us beyond the grave, there is only one solace – God! Yes, when we know that the Supreme power that we had trusted so long is going to be ever with us, no more will we be afraid of leaving our family and friends.

In my journey, what I consider far superior to any material things and may be in par to human love is God’s love. I know I haven’t still crossed the boundaries of human love. But that doesn’t curb my love for God either. There can be no bigger and better joy than connecting with the divinity that binds the whole universe.

My discipleship to Paramahansa Yogananda and to his organization YSS came to me as a gateway to proceed in the path of light. Years before, my husband was introduced to the book, Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. From there began a slow spiritual transformation in all of us in the family. Over the years, I began practicing the basic exercises of YSS. I continued the practices on and off, whenever time permitted me to. However, lately, I have realized the importance of keep everything else on hold while concentrate on my spiritual practices in a full swing.

By God’s grace, six months before, on a beautiful day I was initiated into the Kriya Yoga technique given by Mahavatar Babaii and passed generation to generation by my other Param Gurus. That was one of my most cherished moments of life. It is indeed a great blessing to trend the path that saints and sages have trailed from time immemorial.

Certainly, my practices have found a new dimension and I am not the same person as before. It feels as if life has changed  drastically since the time of my initiation. With the initiation, there has come a regularity in my practices. I keep my routine intact in such a way that never would I miss the specific place and time, I had set aside for my practices. I am hopeful for a new shift in my consciousness, what had appeared elusive all these years. It feels I am connected with Guruji all the time. After all, life has no greater meaning without the spiritual freedom one can experience in the form of having a higher source behind all our thoughts and actions.

The day of my initiation graced me with that kind of a freedom that I can look forward for the rest of my life.


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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