Kapil Dev’s Ek Nayi League

Did you get to guess Kapil Dev’s Ek Nayi League rightly?

Well, not heard of it yet?

There has been a trending topic in Twitter about #EkNayiLeague since the last few days. Our fond former captain Kapil Dev is in a full spree for a campaign for ——–! Yes, all of us are still unsure of what it could be. Paaji has posted video ads of the campaign in his Twitter timeline. In all the ads, he speaks of a new league that is set to come up soon and that if one plays with all his heart, they are sure to loose 🙄 Yes, you heard it right!

There are ads in which he particularly address celebrities like Kapil Sharma, Sania Mirza and Dhoni. He says all the googlies that Kapil Sharma gives out in his show cannot work out in the new league because it demands something more unique. In another ad, he is appreciative of Indian women who have reached heights in sports like Sania Mirza. He comments about Dhoni’s retirement from cricket in another ad and says he must participate in this league to gain much more money than what IPL can give them.

At the bottom of the videos, the website asks viewers to guess what the new league could be about. There’s a submit form where one can submit their answer to participate in the Ek Nayi League contest. It says the one with correct answer can win Rs.1 Lakh 🙄 Yeah, a huge money!

There are no other information or clue that could be found from their social media pages. The only clue I found was a tweet on their timeline says something like, “Dream big and fulfill them.” And it is clear that lots of money is associated with this activity.

Now here comes the most interesting guessing part.

Ha! Most of you thoughts it’s a television reality show? That’s why Paaji repeatedly said it needs too much of brain power.

In one of the ads, he says it can fetch lots of money to participants. Well, what can bring such huge money?

Think. Think. I thought.

There’s only one thing in the whole world that can bring big returns without much effort. Yes, online trading! I suppose Ek Nayi League is going to be something related to stock markets, investments and trading. But what confuses me is his insistence on sports in general, cricket and tennis in the ads. There are already popular quiz shows that include sports questions. So I think game shows must be kept away from the guesses.

For now, I assume Ek Nayi League to be something related to online trading. Well, the launch of this programme is happening right now in mumbai. So, in a couple of hours, we would get to know the suspense!


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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