My Airtel App

I am new to this world of smart phones, tabs and apps. It is interesting to explore all that this world of technology has to offer to make our lives more and more luxurious. With every little thing I find, I am amazed a little more day after day. Apps are one such amazing things that I am slowly starting to use. I cannot state that I’ve tried a number of apps. A few social network apps and a few handy apps like torch light and notepad are the only ones I’ve used so far.

I came to know about My Airtel App yesterday. It seemed to be of help to my airtel mobie network services. So I downloaded and went through a few of the app features that I could relate to. I am convinced of its utility value and hence here I mention those features that are most helpful for my usage.

Check Balance

*121# is very difficult for me to remember. sometimes I dial *123# or #121*. And when nothing seems to work, I call somebody, speak to them formally for a while. When the call gets over, balance will be displayed on the screen. Yes, a funny way to check my balance. For old people like us, sometimes a small techie thing is too much to assimilate. However, the airtel app requires a one time installation. I could add my mobile number to the app so that it gets permanently saved. Anytime I want to check my balance, I can go to app and opt for balance check.

I want to…

Another useful method I read about the app is the ‘I want to’ shortcuts. That is, I can choose those services that I use frequently like checking balance, recharging etc to be added as a shortcut to my home screen. That means checking my balance is just a click away. I can also access the recharge page at one go.

Prepaid Balance Recharge

When I hear young people saying that they recharge mobile services online, I wonder how they do it. I’ve tried earlier to visit the airtel website to do a recharge but it seemed a little confusing and I didn’t want to take the risk of using netbanking over something I didn’t quite understand. I’ve always relied on the shop wallas not only to recharge my mobile but also to choose the prepaid package that suits my usage. However, now with the help of the my airtel app, I am overjoyed to be able to recharge easily without having to go to a shop. I can choose the denomination amount that I want to recharge for. I can also store my debit card details in the app so that the next time, when I recharge I don’t have to re-enter the banking details. I am not thrilled now but also thankful for an app like this that can make our old lives easy.


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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