I am sure you must have watched this Colgate ad.

With the recent Colgate packs, small toys for children had come with for free. The toys included a royal family including the King, Queen, Princess and Prince, their enemies Witch and Dragon and objects for the surrounding like castle, tower and trees. When I bought these Colgate packs, I thought I can make our 5-year-old Tarun to create an interesting story with the toys. I’ve made a quick video of our interactive story-making and story-telling sessions. Here it is!

We had cut the outlines of the characters together and had our subjects ready for the story.When I asked him what kind of story he wants to create, he said, “Ramayana that you had taught me last week”. Well, now that was a surprise, I was glad though. He said that he will make a remake of the Ramayana with the characters we had. Instead of Ravana turning into a deer to allure Sita, he would make the witch create a Dragon and turn it to a butterfly in order to trap the Princess. Instead of Hanuman who flew over the hills to save Sita, he would make the Prince come by a rope car (his recent love after a rope car ride at Queensland theme park, Chennai) to save the Princess. It sounded great and I waited for his magical story to unfold.

The Making

Before enacting the story, he created some props that would be required for the scenes. I offered my help and he asked me to draw a butterfly, two fishes and a knife while he was busy making a rope car and a prison. When I asked him, how is story is going to be, he said it’s a surprise 😆 Later, I understood, butterfly was to show the Witch’s turned version of the Dragon; Fishes were for the Princess’ pond and knife was for the Prince to kill the Witch and the Dragon. Prince would fly through the rope car he made and Princess would be kept a captive in the prison that he made.

The Story

These are the lines that he narrated in the video:

The Princess was playing in the garden. The Witch turned the Dragon to a Butterfly. The Princess followed the butterfly and fell a trap to the Witch. The Prince came by a rope car. The Prince killed the the Witch and Dragon. The Prince and the Princess lived happily together.

It was lovely to watch his modern Ramayana unfold in a magical way. Children have immense potential in them. And as parents, we need to rightly tap their potentials and bring the best out of them. This little activity gave us a nice time together and one thing I was way too much proud of, was the Ramayana I had taugh him which has spurred his creativity. Perhaps, that’s the Power of Constructive Parenting!


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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