Characters of Mahabharata: The Impact

Beyond the plot, our great epic Mahabharata has bestowed on us several life lessons. Following every event of the epic closely will help us to contemplate about the manifold mysteries of life. Also, will the myriad of characters in Mahabharata! Having heard and read the stories of Mahabharata since early childhood, here I write the deepest impact that three of the most respectable characters had on me:

Lord Krishna

Of the numerous Gods and Goddesses I am introduced to, Lord Krishna stands as the most serene God in my memory. While mythological stories revolve around varied emotions of Hindu Gods – spanning anger, lust, vengeance, fear –  Lord Krishna has always been the one who has never showed extremes of emotions. For His even-mindedness and balance of emotions, I turn to Him for every little guide I need in life.

Ved Vyasa

Sage Vyasa, though not a consistent character in the epic, his short appearances are marked with great importance. When he is assigned with the job of Niyoga, surrogate fatherhood, he instructs Satyavati to let the queens Ambika and Ambalika to purify themselves. Unheeding to his warning, Satyavati hurriedly summons the queens to beget children with the sage, resulting in one blind son and one pallid son. This message has ever-remained in my thoughts. And this is one advice I always give to young couples who are planning to get pregnant. Keeping in good physical and mental health and most importantly, being in a beautiful state of love with each other is significant for a healthy child development.

The impact of sage Vyasa on me is best reflected in my blog title! Equal to Lord Krishna, Ved Vyasa is another key player in the events of Mahabharata. When I hear debates about the unending caste feuds, I often bring Ved Vyasa to my thoughts. Born to a fisherwoman and an exalted Brahmana sage, Parashurama, Ved Vyasa has surpassed all caste differences through his birth and life. While an epic written by such an enlightened sage is glorified, isn’t it good enough a reason to dissolve the caste barriers in our society?


My most fond-of character in Mahabharata! Vidura is the right epitome of the Gita verse, ‘Do your duty without expecting anything in return’. He does everything calmly very well knowing the effects of the happenings at the royal court of Hastinapur. In spite of his ineligibility to kingship, he does what he is expected to, at every stage. And Vidura is one of those few people of the epic who attain the final salvation. He has been an inspiring character to me, who reminds me of the ultimate goal that I must strive to achieve in this lifetime.

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Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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