The Delhi Dreams!

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Times change, people change and cities change, as well. I miss the old Mumbai and the old Bangalore! These cities have tremendously changed that I cannot dream of getting back to their oldselves. However, in Delhi, in spite of the cultural changes of the then years, I am witnessing a remarkable socio-techno-economic changes that gradually (may be secretly), I am falling in love with my city, at last 🙂

4 Years ago…

Post the Nirbhaya rape case, I condemned Delhi to the point that all men living in Delhi seemed like criminals and all women living in Delhi seemed risking their lives in a deadly city. As a mother of two daughters, the increasing rape cases in Delhi left me with worried existence. I would often get visions of girls subjected to sexual violence while cooking or watering the plants and even during sleep. It was a fearful time of life!

It did no good in blaming the Government or the laws because the root lies in some men, either psychological or physiological. And how can one identify and reform such men? There were no good hopes, for the dark side of this city had already engulfed me with fear.

3 Years ago…

It took one incident of what a brave girl did to her molester during a crowded metro travel, for me to un-tie my fears and look positively towards a better Delhi. Let me quickly narrate the incident, if you haven’t heard about it before.

crowded metro station

A girl travelling in a crowded metro in Delhi felt the penis of a man, standing behind her, touching her back. While no one gave attention to her shouting, she braved to run behind this man and filed a FIR against him who was later taken to the Tihar jail. To a large extent, this inspiring write-up of the incident by the girl herself, changed my perspective of looking at all Delhi women as potential victims.

3 Months ago…

A group of young guys who had been having food at a dhaba, heard a cry for help from a woman from inside a car which sped past them. The responsible youngsters called the Delhi police, chased the car and rescued the woman in time. This recent incident, further changed my perspective that not all Delhi men are rapists.

Positive efforts by someone unknown has the power to change the perspective of life of a person, sitting at home at some corner of the city. That is what I felt with the two incidents narrated above.


Today, I am more positive about the safety of woman in the city, than how I was 4 years ago. I feel glad when I read about meaningful initiatives and awareness campaigns that bring change and confidence in several Delhi girls. Here are a few, to spread some good vibes across the readers:

Because I am a Girl (BIAAG) by Plan India

parivartan delhi police biaag program
Self defense training by Parivartan, Delhi Police

The Safer Cities initiative, (under BIAAG) creates awareness and imparts safety education to young girls in and around Delhi. Take a look at how well the program has fared so far:

plan india safer cities biaag

Himmat, Cab tracking App, developed by Delhi Police

It feels unsafe for women to travel alone in cabs back from work to home, especially during nights. In order to make their rides safer, Delhi police has come up with Himmat App. A card with the driver’s details and a QR code gets placed behind the driver’s seat. A women who begins the ride, can open the Himmat app in her mobile and scan the QR code.

himmat app qr codes in cabs for safety

The details of the driver are sent to the Delhi police control room where the ride can be monitored in real time. A passenger without internet or smart phone can still share the ride details by sending a SMS to 8130099100 with the QR code. A trial run was done in 10 Delhi taxis, earlier this month. Soon, it will be brought into practice in 2000 airport taxis.

Free Vodafone Wi-Fi Hotspots & Bus Shelters in Delhi

There are times when internet becomes essential for a girl’s safety. May be, a timely Whatsapp message or a app download (like in the case of the Himmat app, discussed above) or an urgent cab booking. Sometimes, our mobile data may not work too well or we may run out of data charge. I have heard my neighbour girls recounting how a Vodafone Wi-Fi hotspot has helped them timely when they were in a difficult situation.


The recent installation of Wi-Fi bus shelter at Gurugram is a commendable effort by Vodafone. The support and benefit the hotspots offer people living in Delhi is sure to bring a new level change to women and to the city, as a whole.

Witnessing the new positive developments in Delhi, I feel secured about everything around me. Please share the support movements for woman you know about, in the country. It may help a reader at some point of time in their life.


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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