My Gadget Re-sale Adventure!

The present generation do not value money as much as we did in the 1980’s. While Re. 1 was a valuable amount to us in those days, my daughters easily spend a few hundred Rupees today without any second thoughts. That is how they got me a new tablet, for what purpose, I really couldn’t understand. Well, it is their expression of love and the wanting to give their best to mom. Of course, I cannot deny the secret excitement I had in my heart when the tab arrived. It was definitely interesting in the first few days to explore the new one’s features. However, one thing that hasn’t settled at all in my mind is, “What do I do with my old Nokia mobile which had introduced me to the basics of telecom technology? Did I forget to tell you, it was my possession for 8 years; a time period which none of these youngsters’ smart phones can last for!

My daughters gave the least thought about my old phone. “Amma, keep it safe or give it away to someone for free.”

Free? 😯

I still bargain with roadside vendors; so you know how much of stringency is rooted in my blood. I began thinking of the ways to sell it. Initially, I wasn’t aware of the sell/buy websites. I would sometimes inform a provision walla, or the flower vendor that a basic Nokia phone, in good working condition, is available for sale. All that they expected of me was, “Memsahib, will you give it for free?” To their eyes, I was an upper class woman who can afford giving away a phone worth of Rs. 500 (too much?) for free. However, as a person who has lived a hard life to reach an upper class living, I know how valuable is every Rupee that comes to my purse.

My daughters, tired of hearing me whine about the resale of the old phone, prompted me to try in a couple of websites. For the computer savvy in me, identifying icons from the top right and bottom left corners are quite difficult a tasks. Sign-up is another complicated task for which I will have to open a new tab to check my email for the sign-up confirmation. You might think what simple a process this is. But to an old lady who heard about computers at the age of 55, it is no fun. I often get confused where to click while shuffling between the tabs. So, I always refrain from having more than one tab open at a time.

Well, coming to the sell/buy website, I did manage to create a login. Now came the never-heard-of step – Post a picture of your product! I do know how to click a photo with my tab and am quite good is sending it through Whatsapp. But from Whatsapp, how do I transfer to the website? If you read this question twice, you can understand my technical understanding. So, I unofficially hired a school boy who lives near my home to help me transfer the photos from my tab to my computer. I know it went through a cable, but what he clicked to open what – I was clueless. The good news was that I had the photo of my dear old phone now in the PC.

With much reading and re-reading, I managed to post an ad – it felt like a celebration! And there I was, awaiting greedily for someone to buy my phone. I assumed hardly anyone would be interested in the old phone. However, to my much shock, I received message after message, multiple times of the same messages and back to back phone calls. Becoming nervous, all of a sudden, I avoided attending calls. Most messages had an offer price of Rs. 1000 to 2500. At first, the greedy woman was swelling in joy that what I thought can fetch me Rs. 500 is on demand for up to Rs. 2500 🙂 But, in time, after reading a few messages, I realized something wasn’t right. I was terribly afraid, of what, I don’t know.

I immediately dialed the emergency number – my daughter’s! After hearing a piece of her mind for having goofed up over the internet for the nth time, I begged to her to have a look at my ad and identify what went wrong.

In a few minutes, she called me. “Amma, you have posted an ad for buying a used Nokia phone!” 🙄

So, there ended my attempts in the gadget reselling adventure! 😦

I remembered this particular incident today while reading an article about Cashify, an online gadget re-selling platform. Unlike other sell/buy sites, Cashify does not demand you to post an ad and wait for a deal. Instead, on the basis of the details you give about your used mobile/laptop/TV, Cashify informs you of a reasonable estimate of the item. If you decide to go with the quoted amount, a Cashify employee shall pick your item on sale at your door step and hand over the accepted upon cash amount to you immediately.

I went through the Cashify website. It was super easy to navigate through the site, even to somebody like me; that means any Tom, Dick and Harry can now sell their used gadgets online in a few seconds. Check the video below:



Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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