Though I remained a woman with no further aspiration after my graduation, I’ve witnessed the zeal in my children to take their education levels higher in a foreign university. As a mother, I wished their paths went smooth during their preparatory phases. However, I’ve realized that it is inevitable to face some common hurdles when for the first time one has to move to another country for higher studies. To begin with, the doubts that put my daughters under constant pressure were,  ‘How expensive is the study going to be?’, ‘How would it be to adapt to a new place and culture all alone?’ and ‘How easy is it going to be to crack the competitive exams?’

While preparation for the subject tests took much of their time, the English Language Test could not be overlooked. Though they were quite proficient in English as a language, scoring well in a test did need some effort. Said that the English language tests are timed and that the test content are of higher standard than a common man’s language, the required preparation had to be given its due weightage.

Pearson offers PTE – Pearson’s Test of English – Academic, one of the world’s leading computer-based English tests.  One of the grand benefits of PTE Academic test is the fast delivery of test results, usually within five business days. The flexibility of test dates and centres availability is yet another additional, notable feature. Also, PTE is approved by New Zealand and Australian governments for visa applications and by thousands of universities in the UK, US and Canada.

Benefits of PTE scoring system

All sections of the PTE Academic are machine scored. The score report includes, in addition to the overall score, individual scores for each of the communicative skills and enabling skills. This may provide a helpful factor to universities in the admission decision making process.

The enabling skills score help the test taker to identify specific strengths and weaknesses in his/her spoken and written English. This can be helpful in deciding what further courses the test taker must pursue.

PTE Academic scores are aligned with CEF, a recognized English language evaluation standard in Europe and other countries. Due to the alignment, it is easier for universities which follow CEF to interpret PTE Academic scores to its equivalent CEF levels.

 PTE Academic Preparation Course

#DefinitelyPTE offers a comprehensive preparatory course to test takers. Free online sample questions area available in the PTE official website. On purchasing a PTE preparatory package, test takers get access to several benefits such as full tests, score reports that imitate real time reports, in addition to hints and tips for the test.

PTE Academic Test Centres

There are over 200 PTE Academic test centres across 50 countries with several centres within US, Canada, UK, India and Turkey each. New centres are added periodically and one may want to check the updated list of centres before deciding on the test centre.

#DefinitelyPTE is one of the wise options for a English language test for students aiming for a study abroad. It is especially helpful for students who want a faster test results for tighter deadlines.


Author: vedvyash

Writing is something that helped me discover the creativity and the expressionism that was hidden under the deep layers of my soul. And me!

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