Prayer for all Religions

asato ma sadgamaya
tamaso ma jyotirgamaya
mrtyorma amrtam gamaya

Lead me from the asat to the sat.
Lead me from darkness to light.
Lead me from death to immortality.

(Brhadaranyaka Upanishad — I.iii.28)

Selfless prayer for shift in consciousness, heart felt cry for mass enlightenment to end the suffering of every being. This is not a prayer for a specific God or religion but instead focuses on the true teacher (nature and cosmos).

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Plants are my passion

I get enormous positive energy from my plants while being with them. Every day I give them healing and feel deep inner peace which expands my consciousness . Seeing my flowers, I am more energetic and my day is filled with joy and happiness. I always want them to be fresh and beautiful. I feel they are my spirit guides and spirit angels.

“Look at the flowers, they  know nothing of criticism. They just attract by their beauty and fragrance, and you love them. Each one of you is a psychological flower, people will like you if you exude the perfume of soul qualities. Wherever you go be a beautiful soul flower” – Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda


My blog title is named after the great sage Vedavyasa, a liberated soul, whose attunement with Krishna qualified him to compile from his own inner realization the holy revelations of Sri Krishna as a divine discourse and present it symbolically as a dialogue between God and an ideal devotee who enters the ecstatic state of inner communion. He not only authored the Mahabharata and its sacred Gita discourse, but showed himself playing a significant role of involvement in the events and affairs of the Pandavas and Gauravas. Indeed, he is the paternal origin of these chief characters through the two sons he sired Pandu and Dhritarashtra.

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Om jaya Jagdish hare Aarti Song


Om jaya Jagadish hare,Swami jaya Jagdish hare,

Bhakta jano ke sankata, Das jano ke sankata, Kshan men dur kare,

Om jaya Jagdish hare

Jo dhyave phala pave, Dukha bin se man ka,Swami dukh bin se man ka,

Sukh sampati ghar ave,Sukh sampati ghar ave,Kasht mite tan ka,

Om jaya Jagdish hare

Mat pita tum mere,sharan gahun main kiski,Swami sharan gahun mai kiski,

Tum bin aur na duja,Tum bina aura na duja,aas karun main jiski,

Om jaya Jagdish hare

Tum puran Paramatma,Tum Antarayami,Swami Tum Antarayami,

Par Brahm Parameshwar,Par Brahma Parameshwar,Tum sab ke swami,

Om jaya Jagdish hare

Tum karuna ke sagar,Tum palan karta,Swami Tum palan karta,

Mai murakh khalakhami,Mai sevak Tum swami,Kripa karo Bharta,

Om jaya Jagdish hare

Tum ho eka agochara, Saba ke pranapati, Swami saba ke pranapati,

Kis vidhi milun dayamaya,Kisa vidhi milun dayamaya,Tum ko main kumati,

Om jaya Jagdish hare

Deen bandhu dukh harata,Thakura Tum mere,Swami thakur Tum mere,

Apane hath uthao,Apani sharani lagao,Dwar pada hun tere,

Om jaya Jagdish hare

Vishay vikar mitavo,Pap haro Deva,Swami pap haro Deva,

Shradha bhakti badhao,Shradha bhakti badhao,Santan ki seva,

Om jaya Jagdish hare

Om jaya Jagdish hare,Swami jaya Jagdish hare,

Bhakta jano ke sankata,Dasa jano ke sankata,Ksana men dur kare,

Om jaya Jagdish hare