A Little Pep up in Life!

Life can never be the same after children grow big and leave you in search of their future and destiny. Every time my daughters leave home after a few days of vacation, I wish they stayed with me a little longer. It has been fifteen years since the first one left for college and now I am used to the ups and downs that my heart feels during their visits. For an ordinary house wife whose life surrounded only her home, husband and bringing up children, time is the biggest curse. No matter how much of household work I do now, time doesn’t seem to entertain me. An unexplainable gloom continues to fill my being and I know it’s mostly because I miss being with my children.

However, the new entries to our family has spiced up my otherwise gloomy life. Yeah, my grandchildren. When they are here, I absolutely cherish the little sweet talks and plays they do non-stop. Children of today are far peppy then their parental generation. Their energies and brilliancy often stuns me.

Yesterday, my grandson and I went to the terrace garden to water the plants. This is one of his favourite activities because he loves plants, water, sunlight and the jet planes that constantly fly over our heads. For a change, he carried his toy aeroplane to the terrace. There’s a flight training centre close-by, so it offers all the delight that my grandson needs. Here’s the peppy little conversation we had in the terrace:

Hrish: Grandma, how do these planes fly?

Me: They have wings to fly.

Hrish: Hmmmm……what are their wheels for then?

Me: For landing and take off from the ground.

He drove his toy aeroplane a couple of times and turned back to me.

Hrish: Do you think I can drive a plane?

Me: Why not? Of course, when you grow big.

Hrish: What do you mean by grow big?

Me: When you become old enough to join pilot training.

Hrish: Tomorrow?

After I finished my heart-felt laughter, I replied, “No. It will take many years.”

Hrish: I can’t wait. Now c’mmon, get behind me quick.

He gestured to sit behind him like we would do on a bike. To encourage hs amusement, I did.

Hrish: Lock your seat belts. Hold me tight. We are going to take off now. zzzzzzzzzzz…zz.z.z.z.z.z.zzz.z.z.z………Don’t feel scared. We are flying up above the world so high now. Hah…..do you see our terrace now? Your roses all looking up at us! Next time I shall take you dear roses. That’s grandpa’s car. It looks smaller than my toy car. Heee..hehheee……There we go near those jet planes. Grandma, did you see the pilot? He was only a little taller than me. That means I can soon learn to fly. Here, look at the birds!!! Move, move, move…….watch your fly, dudes! I think we are running out of petrol. Let’s do the landing now. It might be scary, but hold me tight. I will take care. zzzz…zzzzzz..zzz……thud! Wait until I switch off the engine. Here, we’ve landed down safely. How was the ride grandma?”

All of the peppy narration with standing still at one place 😆

All you need to pep up your life a little is little children. They can make the impossible possible with their fantasy and imagination. And most of all, they can transfer a little of their peppy-ness to you, definitely.

Now, during times, when life pulls me back to the gloom, I know whom to speak to!

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Inspirit us with generosity

Heavenly father, inspirit us with generosity. Thy Being is an outpouring of bounty; let us, too, know the joy of giving.

Teach us to spend for others’ necessities as naturally as for our own. Since we shudder at even the thought of destitution for ourselves, may we sympathetically help those who in actuality know the pangs of want.

Let us realize  that to die rich, without having shared our treasures, is to die poor in Thine eyes; and to die poor because of liberality is to die rich with Thy blessings.

Men selfishly blinded by opulence must experience poverty in this or a future earth-life, because in the abodes of the world- abandoned they saw Thee not.

In all experiences of Thy children it is Thine omnipresent consciousness that enjoys and suffers.Thou didst bestow riches on Thyself (in the forms of the wealthy) as an intricate human test to see how charitable Thou wouldst be to Thyself (in the forms of the needy).

The largehearted man, receiving from Thee loving largess and freely bestowing it on others, expands in to the Universal self.

Accepting daily Thine endless gifts, may we praise Thee and thank Thee, O Giver of All!

—Paramahansa Yogananda, in Whispers from Eternity

Art of creating spiritual children and of rearing them beautifully

My today’s post is dedicated to my beloved dad who is resting at peace.

Thank you dad for teaching us the values of life, teaching us the importance of life and teaching us about God. Dad I am proud of being a part of you!!!


Parents should remember that their mental attitudes and spiritual development can make it possible for spiritual children to be born to  them. Each mother carrying a child should remember that her particular good or bad nature, her salutary or ignoble thoughts, and her actions toward her family and others, will greatly influence the nature of her baby…… spiritually developed parents could save the world and make it heavenly by creating spiritual children and by living a life of moderation, self-discipline, and meditation.

In this modern age, every body needs to be trained, because they have so much temptation placed before them.  parents should train their children to develop a taste for better habits. Consider  more seriously the responsibility of guiding your children. Many bad habits are imposed on them in the environment of the schools! Influenced by other children, they feel they have no choice; if someone doesn’t join the crowd and smoke or drink, he is considered a sissy. Why have children today gone astray? Children need guidance . If you put a seedling in the earth, in order for it to become a strong, healthy plant you have to tend  its growth– surrounding it with a little fence, supporting it with posts or tying it with string so it will grow straight. Other wise, it may grow awry. Parents have a God- given  responsibility to teach and guide their children, from the earliest age.These truths people seem to have forgotten; these are the failures that have contributed so much to today’s problems.

Take time to talk to your children.Take time to give them understanding.  Take time to listen, rather than saying, “Don’t bother me. I don’t have time now.” Help them to feel that they can ask you anything. Help them to cultivate a sense of responsibility, with in limits that are appropriate to their age. Avoid putting unreasonable expectations on your children. But teach them to have faith in God.Talk to them about God and how much He loves them, and about those things that are really important in life—–being truthful, being unselfish, doing one’s duty and helping others.

Punishment may be necessary occasionally to impress an important lesson. But don’t be the kind of parent that scolds or spank the child simply because you are feeling cross; then only you are taking your own anger out on the child. Remain calm and try to help them to understand.Explain to them why they should carry out their duties, and the benefits to themselves  and others.Teach them  that what  we do , what we give, comes back to us.These is a tendency either to be too lenient  with children or too harsh; strike the happy balance. Do unto the child, in other words, as you would want done unto you.

—– By Sri Paramahansa Yogananda