Art of creating spiritual children and of rearing them beautifully

My today’s post is dedicated to my beloved dad who is resting at peace.

Thank you dad for teaching us the values of life, teaching us the importance of life and teaching us about God. Dad I am proud of being a part of you!!!


Parents should remember that their mental attitudes and spiritual development can make it possible for spiritual children to be born to  them. Each mother carrying a child should remember that her particular good or bad nature, her salutary or ignoble thoughts, and her actions toward her family and others, will greatly influence the nature of her baby…… spiritually developed parents could save the world and make it heavenly by creating spiritual children and by living a life of moderation, self-discipline, and meditation.

In this modern age, every body needs to be trained, because they have so much temptation placed before them.  parents should train their children to develop a taste for better habits. Consider  more seriously the responsibility of guiding your children. Many bad habits are imposed on them in the environment of the schools! Influenced by other children, they feel they have no choice; if someone doesn’t join the crowd and smoke or drink, he is considered a sissy. Why have children today gone astray? Children need guidance . If you put a seedling in the earth, in order for it to become a strong, healthy plant you have to tend  its growth– surrounding it with a little fence, supporting it with posts or tying it with string so it will grow straight. Other wise, it may grow awry. Parents have a God- given  responsibility to teach and guide their children, from the earliest age.These truths people seem to have forgotten; these are the failures that have contributed so much to today’s problems.

Take time to talk to your children.Take time to give them understanding.  Take time to listen, rather than saying, “Don’t bother me. I don’t have time now.” Help them to feel that they can ask you anything. Help them to cultivate a sense of responsibility, with in limits that are appropriate to their age. Avoid putting unreasonable expectations on your children. But teach them to have faith in God.Talk to them about God and how much He loves them, and about those things that are really important in life—–being truthful, being unselfish, doing one’s duty and helping others.

Punishment may be necessary occasionally to impress an important lesson. But don’t be the kind of parent that scolds or spank the child simply because you are feeling cross; then only you are taking your own anger out on the child. Remain calm and try to help them to understand.Explain to them why they should carry out their duties, and the benefits to themselves  and others.Teach them  that what  we do , what we give, comes back to us.These is a tendency either to be too lenient  with children or too harsh; strike the happy balance. Do unto the child, in other words, as you would want done unto you.

—– By Sri Paramahansa Yogananda