Inspirit us with generosity

Heavenly father, inspirit us with generosity. Thy Being is an outpouring of bounty; let us, too, know the joy of giving.

Teach us to spend for others’ necessities as naturally as for our own. Since we shudder at even the thought of destitution for ourselves, may we sympathetically help those who in actuality know the pangs of want.

Let us realize  that to die rich, without having shared our treasures, is to die poor in Thine eyes; and to die poor because of liberality is to die rich with Thy blessings.

Men selfishly blinded by opulence must experience poverty in this or a future earth-life, because in the abodes of the world- abandoned they saw Thee not.

In all experiences of Thy children it is Thine omnipresent consciousness that enjoys and suffers.Thou didst bestow riches on Thyself (in the forms of the wealthy) as an intricate human test to see how charitable Thou wouldst be to Thyself (in the forms of the needy).

The largehearted man, receiving from Thee loving largess and freely bestowing it on others, expands in to the Universal self.

Accepting daily Thine endless gifts, may we praise Thee and thank Thee, O Giver of All!

—Paramahansa Yogananda, in Whispers from Eternity